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Drupal Profiles

Organizations of a certain size need, more than a website, an ecosystem of different websites that can vary according to subject, geographical area or target. Maintaining such an infrastructure can soon become tedious, costly and unproductive.

In Metadrop we are pioneers in the installation of Drupal from profile configurations. This system means a great saving of time and effort in organizations that require multiple websites that share certain functionalities and diverge in others.

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Save time and efforts by using Drupal profiles

The concept of profiles in Drupal is more complex than having "a template for your website".

Installation profiles allow you to create equal designs and group features together so you don't have to repeat the operation for each installation. This has advantages such as:

  • Reusability: Once the profile is defined, creating a new site is a matter of minutes.
  • Design and layout: Sites created with the same profile keep a similar design line.
  • Maintenance: A single base code allows improvements to be applied to new sites.

If your organization needs to create many websites of the same type, for example for each country where it is present or for each product brand it wants to sell, setting up a profile and creating the websites from it will save resources, time and money.

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