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Drupal content migrations

In many projects, it is a challenge to establish the best strategy to migrate content from different sources to Drupal.

This task requires extensive experience and knowledge of the Drupal Migrate API. In Metadrop we have migrated content from different sources and technologies such as Wordpress, FatWire, Django, etc. as well as updates from old versions of Drupal to Drupal 9.


Migrating content from other systems with Migrate API

The Migrate module implements the necessary framework in order to migrate content from different systems (sources) to Drupal. Each migration is a plugin and consists of three phases:

  1. Extraction (source)
  2. Transformation (processing)
  3. Upload (destination)

In Metadrop we know how to take advantage of the extraordinary flexibility that this framework offers and we have developed numerous plugins in different projects that give us the necessary vision to tackle migrations successfully, regardless of their complexity.

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