We have been working with Drupal for over 10 years.

We are specialized in web development, technical consulting and team building.

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We like to maintain close and lasting relationships with the different teams and organizations we work with, regardless of the service provided: sporadic technical consulting, team training or developing a project from start to finish and giving lifetime support and maintenance. Many clients consider us because of our methodology and the real-time detailed reports we offer on the status of the project and its tasks.

  • Especialistas en el Desarrollo y mantenimiento web

  • Specialists in web development and maintenance

    We develop custom modules and adapt the functionality of existing ones for our national and international web projects. We are specialized in the integration with  third-party services and platforms, content migration and updates from older Drupal versions. 

  • Advice and Consulting

    Some of the clients of our projects are agencies, NGOs, national and international private companies and national public entities. We take care of the technical direction of the project from the beginning to the end. We are involved in making the right decisions, risk warning, studying the best strategies, reacting in time to unforeseen events and reporting in real time the status of the project.

  • sesoría y ConsultoríaFormación de personal y equipos

  • Formación de personal y equipos

  • Training and team building

    We provide team coaching and team building in Drupal and other technologies: BDD with Behat, performance, good practices, etc... We also give lectures at national and international events, write articles, collaborate with the Spanish Drupal Association, collaborate with training centers and we have been participating on internship programs for years..

Take a look at our methodology and organization.
It's one of our strengths.

  • Migración de contenido a Drupal

    Drupal content migration

    For many projects, content migration is one of the biggest challenges. We are experienced in migration, be it from different technologies (Wordpress[PHP], FatWire[Java], Django[Python],...) as well as between Drupal versions.

  • Integración de servicios

    Third-party integration

    We integrate your website with different external services: TPV, ERP, CRM, mobile applications... We have extensive experience with complex integrations: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, YouTube, Vimeo, Keepeek, our own services...

  • Mantenimiento evolutivo

    Evolving maintenance

    We keep your website updated with both security updates and feature development.

Drupal... and more

We have extensive experience in web development on LAMP platforms, from e-commerce to intranet. We are experts in Drupal and its associated technologies: PHP, Apache, Linux, MySQL, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, (jQuery, AJAX).

We favor free software and the professional and personal philosophy aligned with the ideals it represents. This has an immediate and very positive impact on the developments we make and on the product and service we deliver, using agile methodologies, transparent processes and a very pragmatic attitude in solving problems raised by our customers.

  • PHP, Symfony, external libraries

    The Drupal 8 leap, with the use of Composer and its integration with external libraries, allows us to both use and develop components completely decoupled from the Drupal architecture. This favors reuse in other PHP projects not tied to Drupal, thus easing migration to new versions of Drupal or other PHP technologies.

  • Startups

    We will work on an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in order to develop your idea while optimizing your budget.

  • e-Commerce and online stores

    Show your products on the Internet, accept orders or make direct sales and generate business online.

  • Web services

    We integrate Drupal with external applications using APIs: iOS, Android, desktop apps...

  • Technical Direction

    We accompany you through all the phases of your project.

  • Angular, Vue, React

    Web development is experiencing a trend towards decoupled models. These technologies are here to stay.

  • iOS, Android, Webapps

    Mobile applications are another platform to expand your audience. To cover this sector we develop native applications for both iOS and Android, as well as multiplatform applications with a single code base based on web technologies.


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