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Drupal Project Management and Strategy

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, in Metadrop we make a special emphasis on establishing a solid base in our projects that anticipates future maintenance and scalability issues.

We offer you our technical direction, consultancy and strategic assistance so that you too can benefit from our tools, techniques and knowledge.

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International Experience

We have extensive experience collaborating on international projects. We develop full projects and become part of the client's teams. We work for NGOs, high-level companies, public institutions, and multinationals around the world.

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Project management

As managers we carry out the analysis and design of architecture, propose technical solutions based on quality, scalability and maintenance standards, implement audits and provide our expertise and knowledge at all times.

Regardless of who carries out the development, we establish a shared framework of good practices that is useful and transparent to all the people involved in one way or another in the project, both in the present and in the future.


Architectural planning and review

A good foundation is essential to ensure proper functioning in the long term. Metadrop can help you in the following aspects:

  • Review, validation and design of the information architecture.
  • Analysis and optimization.
  • Component and functionalities reuse strategies.
  • Development stack as well as installation and distribution profiles to speed up the initial phase of the project.
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As consultants, we offer a long-term vision to achieve the best possible strategy. In a world with a tendency towards cookie-cutter solutions with hidden costs, we provide you with all the necessary knowledge to make well-informed decisions.

  • Technical studies and monitorization processes.
  • Performance studies and incident analysis.
  • Guidance and/or development to offer solutions according to the standard Drupal mechanisms.
  • Advice and recommendation of contributed modules and technological strategies based on the state of the art of the ecosystem and the Drupal Community.

Agile Software Development

We propose our best Agile development tools for your projects:

  • Local development environments using Docker.
  • Tools integrations ensuring quality standards.
  • Development workflow: version control (GIT), branch development oriented model, peer code review.
  • Continuous integration with Jenkins:
    • Test execution: static code, unit testing, Behat, Newman (services), etc.
    • Artifact generation and deploys between environments.
    • Automatic updates for modules support.

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