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We integrate Drupal with external applications through APIs or generate them for consumption. 

Each organization has different needs and uses different tools. We are used to working with different APIs to seamlessly integrate the functionalities you need into your web project.

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Updating content from other platforms

Drupal has modules that facilitate the programmer's task by letting them expose services easily so that external systems can interact with Drupal.

Our teams have experience in creating custom APIs to reach the functionalities that your business requires, from the simplest to the most complex processes.

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E-mail marketing campaigns

The e-mail marketing campaigns are accompanied by mailing lists, user segmentation and many other features that are usually carried out with third-party software.

In these cases, we use the API available from the third party to send the data you need from your subscribers.

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Using external images in Drupal content

Many times content publishers need to access images that are not stored in Drupal or on their computers but on external storage to which they have access through their credentials.

Drupal allows, using the external API, access to the images to add them to the content without the user noticing the difference in the origin of the image.