Who we are

Speaking Drupal since 2008

Development, consulting and training for national and international web projects

Why Metadrop

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We offer quality and experience

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Metadrop was born as a development company dedicated full-time to Drupal, and since then we have evolved. Today we have more than 10 years of experience in complex and technical projects, both in Spain and other countries.

We maintain a large number of modules in Drupal, we attend national and international events and conferences both as speakers and listeners, we write and share technical articles, we are members of the Spanish Drupal Association, we follow day by day the evolution of different technologies and we love what we do.

We develop custom, tailor-made modules and we offer evolving maintenance for the projects we are involved in.

We offer consulting services. For some years we have been working with technical teams from public entities and private companies providing solutions to complex challenges.

We train and organize teams. Since 2013 we collaborate with educational institutions so that students can enjoy their internships at Metadrop and join development teams in an almost "real" environment. The complex process of training and incorporation is being improved so that it is as effective as possible and now we are able to implement it in other organizations regardless of its size.

The way we work

Organized, in teams, with transparency

Learn more about our methodology, we are sure you will be interested.

Based on a behavioral oriented development (BDD, Behaviour Driven Development) we have created our own workflow and monitoring tool for projects and teams. This information is shared with the client by means of a common board that reflects the status of the project in real time. Using this data we generate weekly reports that we compare with the estimates in order to detect areas of improvement.

We work in English and/or Spanish. We are used to international projects that involve multiple teams in different countries. We work for agencies, public and private entities at national and international level and also with federations and global NGOs.

We meet expectations. The teams are balanced, regarding both the experience of their members and their skills (backend, frontend...). We embrace "Agile" methodologies, having daily team meetings (Scrum of about 15 minutes) and objectives per week (Sprints of one or two weeks). The tasks to be tackled are estimated first and if we do not reach the objective, we communicate it at an early stage in order to be able to look for optimal alternatives.

Daily communication. The teams are designed to be self-sufficient and all their members are able to communicate directly with the people involved in each task.

Quality control. All development and business teams use a common language that we use throughout the project, effectively reducing misunderstandings and clarifying objectives. We test the code and ensure that critical parts are stable. We use natural language tests in such a way that they can be used as a point of agreement on a certain requirement. 

Transparency during the project. An important part of our own monitoring tool are the weekly statistical reports that we share with the client for the sake of transparency. It includes the estimates and the time spent on each task.

Free software. We use tools tested by millions of people who collaborate with the aim of improving them.


The team is made up of different profiles: back-end, front-end, systems, project management... all with extensive experience in Drupal and with a common goal: excellence and quality software. In addition, from the beginning it has been managed by professionals coming from the technology sector.

Drupal has been with some of us for more than 11 years. We have made this tool our profession without leaving other technologies behind. We organize ourselves in balanced teams taking into account experience and personal qualities and we try each project and team/teams to fit perfectly. In addition, the teams also have direct communication between them so that tasks in which a specific skill is needed can be tackled by the right person and information and knowledge can be shared.

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  • Paco Montes / CEO

    Paco Montes / CEO

    Project Manager
    Senior Drupal developer
    Drupal: trigop

  • Jorge Tutor / CIO

    Jorge Tutor / CIO

    Project Manager
    Senior Drupal developer
    Drupal: gedur

  • Ricardo Sanz / CTO

    Ricardo Sanz / CTO

    Sysadmin & Team Lead
    Senior Drupal developer
    Drupal: tunic

  • Agustín Gómez

    Agustín Gómez

    Back-end & Team Lead
    Senior Drupal developer
    Drupal: tuwebo

  • Omar Lopesinos

    Omar Lopesino

    Senior Drupal developer
    Drupal: mistermoper

  • Cristian Aliaga

    Cristian Aliaga

    Senior Drupal developer
    Drupal: crzdev

  • David López

    David López

    Senior Drupal developer
    Drupal: akalam

  • Carlos Montes

    Carlos Montes

    Site-Builder / QA / Test
    Drupal developer
    Drupal: sayto

  • Alberto Antoranz

    Alberto Antoranz

    Senior Drupal developer
    Drupal: alzz

  • Eduardo Alberti

    Eduardo Alberti

    Drupal developer
    Drupal: eduardomadrid

  • Oscar Díaz

    Oscar Díaz

    Senior Angular developer
    Drupal: oscar_diaz

  • Fran Rouco

    Fran Rouco

    Front-end / UX
    Drupal Developer
    Drupal: frouco

  • Fernando Rojas

    Fernando Rojas

    Sales Manager


  • Sergio Galán

    Sergio Galán

    UX / Interfaces
    Senior Developer

  • Manuel Bermúdez

    Manuel Bermúdez

    Senior iOS Developer

  • Víctor Díaz

    Víctor Díaz

    Senior Android Developer

  • Iván Jännke

    Iván Jännke

    Drupal Developer
    Drupal: msark

  • Luis Inchausti

    Luis Inchausti

    Drupal Developer
    Drupal: lintxa

Our values

  • Good practices

    We like to enjoy our weekends and that our customers can do it too. This can only be achieved with good practices that reduce production errors with strategies such as BDD, continuous integration, code quality analysis, peer review... The result is quality software, easy to maintain, easy to evolve and secure.

  • Integrated into the project

    We walk with you during all the phases of your project. We work at team level promoting communication and documentation, avoiding any bottlenecks and driven by a Project Manager who serves as an interlocutor in difficult times.

  • Open to change

    During Agile development it is necessary to be open to change. We understand project requirements and evolving changes as an opportunity to better meet user needs that are constantly being improved over the life of the project.

  • Project vision

    We form a team at all levels. We like to contribute beyond development, know the needs of the project, learn from mistakes and celebrate all the successes we achieve.