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Agile Scrum Meetings

We subscribe to the Agile manifesto and we have been implementing Scrum in our internal process for years. We understand Scrum/Agile as a work framework in continuous evolution and improvement. We could say we apply Agile within the Agile process, evolving and learning at all times. Among our most relevant scrum/agile phases we highlight the following:

Daily meeting

Daily Meeting

Daily 10-15 minute team meeting to share progress, align the team goals and advance potential risks. Guided by the Scrum Master, each member answers the following questions:

  • What is the current progress?
  • What is your next goal?
  • Are there any obstacles/risks in your path?
Reunión de miembros de Metadrop.

Sprint Planning

Planning together with the client, after estimating and prioritizing the backlog, the user stories that will be part of the Sprint.

Asistentes a una demo.

Sprint Review

Review of Sprint's final delivery, with a demo of the work completed and delivered.

Sprint retrospective

Sprint Retrospective

Internally, the most important. We identify successes and failures with the aim of improving both on a personal and team level, as well as the integration between the different teams.

Cerebro Backlog

Backlog Refinement

Our Product Owners ensure that the backlog user stories are relevant, detailed and estimated to a degree appropriate to their priority, and in accordance with the current understanding of the project or product and its objectives.

  • Eliminating user stories that no longer seem relevant.
  • Creating new user stories in response to newly discovered needs.
  • Re-evaluating the relative priority of stories.
  • Estimating (together with the development team) stories based on the updated information.
  • Dividing user stories too large to fit into the next iteration,