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Metadrop's work methodology

We incorporate through experience new organizational paradigms and development models. We evolve every day with the knowledge of the previous day.

We are strongly aligned with agile methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban and Management 3.0. We believe in people to drive the change and we share the vision of horizontal models such as Sociocracy 3.0 and Holacracy.

Multifunctional Teams

Teams are structured to take on any challenge. Focused on their projects, each team has, among others, people with back end, front end and devops skills.

At the organizational level, we have a central team, made up of members from different teams, to facilitate communication and achieve common goals.

Metadrop Organization

Circles of knowledge

Knowledge flows between the different teams through circles representing areas of knowledge, learning and good practices. This approach allows us to learn from our mistakes as an organization as well as to explore new ways and technologies, which will benefit our clients.

We communicate this knowledge through articles, conferences and specialized training courses.

Research and learning is in our DNA

In addition to the time dedicated to the client, where we learn and evolve, we invest in R&D and retrospective meetings that allow us to grow as a team.

Each team member has weekly dedicated time for exploring new technologies and developing innovative in-house tools that might become useful products.

Metadrop Time