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Cross-Platform Apps using Ionic, React and Angular

The revolution in mobile devices (tablets, phones, phablets) has caused an earthquake in the development world and the emergence of a whole new set of needs to be met, formats to be adapted and standards to be adhered to.

In Metadrop we have incorporated modern technologies that allow us to respond to all the potential requirements of our projects, including the development of native applications for both iOS and Android and multiplatform applications with Ionic.

Mobile code

An efficient, fast and multiplatform development

One of the main pitfalls of application development is the need to use platform-specific tools, which can greatly increase costs by having to perform up to three separate solutions: one for the web, one for Android and one for iOS (Mac). 

To overcome this barrier, in Metadrop we specialize in multiplatform development with Angular, Ionic and Capacitor, which allow us to develop all applications from a single code base, greatly reducing development time and cost, as well as time to market and future maintenance.

Componentes de Ionic

The interface your users expect

Ionic allows us to show the end user the interface they expect and are used to, regardless of the device they are using, so that your application integrates perfectly into their day-to-day life.

In addition, and together with Capacitor, Ionic allows us to access all the capabilities of the devices: accelerometer, camera, timer, fingerprint ... so we can build applications that truly jump from the screen to the real world.


On firm ground

Underneath the visual layer the engines are powered by Angular, the popular and potent framework developed by Google that allows the development of web and mobile applications using a single code base.

Angular is very popular in the development world for its robustness, its versatility and the quality of its code. That is why it is our favorite tool when creating the code base for our multiplatform applications.