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Drupal Dev Days 2019 is starting in Cluj Napoca

Today, the main developer event of the Drupal community, Drupal Dev Days, starts in Cluj Napoca, Transylvania.

Drupal Dev Days is an international event organized by the Drupal community that brings people together from around the world who contribute to the progress of Drupal. This event takes place every year. It is the most important developer-oriented event in the Drupal community and it is focused on learning about the latest trends in Drupal, its immediate and medium-term future through its conferences. It is also a great forum for discussion that allows exploring other visions and points of view, greatly enriching the knowledge about Drupal and its associated technologies. And when I say "developers" I'm not only talking about those who code but also include all those people who work to impulse Drupal in what is not purely programming: design, editing, coordination, strategy, translations, etc.


Part of the Drupal Community in the contrib room.Part of the Drupal Community in the contrib room.

This year I'll participate with a session, "Sharing configuration in multi-site and multi-profile platforms: A Modern Odyssey" about building a Drupal platform based on install profiles that share configuration. It's the same session David López and me gave at the Drupal Camp Spain this year, "Compartir configuración en entornos multisite y multiprofile: Una odisea moderna".

This time David was not able to attend, so I hope to be able to maintain the level. The idea of this session is to show how to establish a installation profiles hierarchy for the automatic creation of new sites so that they share a common general configuration but each site can overwrite or extend it under different conditions: by environment, by profile, by site, but also by combinations such as environment and site or any other condition that we need, and especially to activate configuration packages by installing a module, providing full functionalities like the Features module in Drupal 7. I think the idea is really interesting and can be very useful for organizations that require a set of websites with common but differentiated characteristics.

In addition, my colleagues Jorge Tutor and Omar Lopesino will give one talks each. The first one, "Diving Into Peopleware", will talk about the development of people creating highly integrated, cohesive and motivated high-performance teams generating the right work environment. The second session, "Multibranch tests with Drupal, Jenkins and Docker", led by Omar, will be about Jenkins and the creation of a continuous integration platform in Drupal with support for tests to ensure the quality and maintainability of projects.

Of course, there are many other interesting sessions that I hope to be able to attend, without forgetting to try to contribute to the different open initiatives. You're not in Cluj Napoca but you want to help? No problem! It is possible to collaborate remotely, take a look at the contribution plan and join us!

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