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Stubhub Magazine

Online magazine specialized in music

Drupal 8
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Stubhub Magazine case study

It is an online magazine which is specialized in music. Users can find articles and news about their favourite artists, festivals, concerts. It is part of StubHub,  a website that allows buying-selling tickets for music, sports and other live events around the world, it is owned by eBay.

Why Drupal?

Security is important for every single project and Stubhub Magazine is not an exception. Using Drupal as CMS/Framework ensures a good security quality and bring us the tool for administrating the content.

In the same way, being Stubhub a world company implemented in more than 50 countries, the choice of Drupal for multilingual sites is a good one, and also the scalability of the project won't be compromised since Drupal is easily scalable.

Since this project was migrated from other website, Drupal has also a really good tools for doing so.

The project

The goal

Our goal was to migrate a WordPress website to Drupal 8 structure, we used WordPress Migrate Drupal module for it.

Once the migration was complete we had to work hard for a improved administration content workflow, since WordPress is really good about it, it was not that easy to implement (even improve) the administration user interface. A complete workflow process was implemented, having different states for the content (draft, archived, revisions...) and a custom programable date tasks allow this content to be published in the future automatically.

Lady Gaga


We should respect the original theming and functionalities and make it work in a Drupal environment.

After the kick off meeting , we stablish the workflow development following a BDD (Behavior Driven Development).



We ended up having all WorldPress functionalities and contributing two new modules for the Drupal ecosystem: JSON Form and SlickQuiz field. These two modules allow us to create forms as quizs that the user can answer and get a score feedback. 

JSON Form module allows to generte forms out of a json configuration, and this forms can be integrated with any node throught the user interface.

SlickQuiz field module allows to add a Drupal field to any content type for creating quizs on the fly that won't be stored in any Database (in this particular case it is not necesary to store data in DB, like the score, since it is just intended for giving user feedback about his knoledge).

It allows to create quizs in very flexible way:

  • Custom messages depending on the hits/fails.
  • Default values for base quizs.
  • Limit the number of questions.
  • Limit the number of answers for every question.

You can see an example here: meassure your ost knowledge.

What we have learned

We have contributed two new modules and colaborate in Yoast Seo module issues. 

Development has been done taking in account the tests first and then develope the functionallity which ensures a quality.


And more...

Some other modules used by this website:


Drupal contributions

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