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GIT Course

During this course, the foundations are provided for the use of GIT, version control software, as a fundamental piece of development.

This course is aimed at software development professionals looking for a reliable system to keep track of changes to different project files and coordinate this work between different team members.

Course duration

The base course lasts 8 hours of training. This course can be complemented with practical cases in workshop mode in subsequent days on projects indicated by the applicant.



The objective of this course covers both the first steps and advanced operations to adopt GIT as a version control tool in any type of project.

At the end of the course the student will acquire the following skills:

  • Development with version control system
  • Multi-branch workflow
  • Merge / pull request review
  • Conflict resolution
  • Deployments and artifact generation

Course Content


  1. Setup
  2. Basic commands
    1. Create a Project
    2. Git Ignore
    3. Making changes
    4. Adding changes to the repository
    5. Making changes to files
    6. History review
    7. Create aliases
    8. Tagging
  3. Upgrades
    1. Undoing local changes
    2. Delete commits
    3. Amend commits
    4. Moving files
    5. Structure changes
  4. Intermediate commands
    1. Creating a branch
    2. Navigating between branches
    3. Comparison between branches
    4. Merge
    5. Resolving conflicts
    6. Rebasing vs merging
    7. Branch reset
  5. Remote repositories
    1. Origin
    2. Remote branches
    3. Bringing changes
    4. Sharing repositories
  6. Submodules
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