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World Archery

International Archery Federation

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News, events, live competitions and athlete information

World Archery is the international governing body for the sport of archery. Its mission is to promote and regulate archery worldwide.


This website has many goals, keeping users up to date with the latest news and rules, give information about competitions, athletes, games... The website is multilanguage and needs to be mobile friendly.

Acomplishing these goals (among others) involves many technologies and tools for keeping the site up to date, which is specially important in live competitions such as the Olympic games.


It is a very complete project from a developer view, some features will have a big impact during the development phase:

  • Some data are hosted in external data bases.
  • Live competition interface which shows competition's results and athlete information almost instantly.
  • Needs to behave gracefully in high traffic peaks.
  • Multilingual.
  • News workflow involving different roles (Writer, Editor, Translator, Publisher...) in different stages of the workflow.
  • Third party integrations (i.e. some media content).
  • Custom theme for a responsive/mobile friendly site.


Due to the characteristics of this project, we can address tasks such as:

  • Integration of external databases through the use of remote entities that allow synchronization processes.
  • Integration with API's of different "third parties" to show or collect, for example, multimedia content.
  • Complex migrations, both of old content and necessary content for the news workflow.
  • Integration with mailing platforms and personalized administration forms for different use cases.
  • Frontend in Angular JS in some cases. It allows us to decouple all the information obtained (from different databases) of the theme, improving the user experience.


World Archery es un proyecto con un gran recorrido que nos permite investigar nuevas funcionalidades y tecnologías. Tanto el cliente como el equipo de Metadrop, trabajamos prácticamente a diario para mejorarlo.

World Archery is a big project which allows us to investigate new features and technologies. Both the client and the Metadrop team work practically every day to improve it.

World Archery

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