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Another bite to Drupal

Drupal 7
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Main Foster's Hollywood website in Spain.

The goal in this web is searching Foster's Hollywood restaurants and promotions.

Main Features:

  • Interactive map using Angular JS.
  • Best performance for SEO and tracking system.
  • Customized and adaptable theme.

The project

The goal

Search functionality has been a challenge in this project. For that purpose we ended up using AngularJS among with Leaflet maps.

We also have to remember that all restaurants data have been collected through csv files, so a migration also was made in order to have all restaurants available.

The requirements

Design has been also a key goal, frontend work has been done to reflect the designs we were provided with.


Final results!

Search feature is a featured component in this web site. Map's look and feel and bidirectional search makes a good UX experience.

Migration from csv data to a Restaurants information and location.

3rd party app integration. Having Drupal as a "content container" allowed us to develope an integrated app with the website, so Drupal can manage the contents and make them available to 3rd parties applications.

SEO and Trakking metrics have been also worked out extensively.

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