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Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia

Drupal 8
Search API
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Spanish's National Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMC)


The CNMC is a Spanish public institution who manages, guarantees, preserve and promote a fair rivalry between the nacional markets. The website is a place where users can find information about agreements, reports and documents.


It is an early Drupal 8 project who uses the Search API Solr Drupal module for searching (and indexing) the data.

The relevance of the results are based on internal rules and the input search string. Searching and indexing is done using some boosts and custom query alterations for better results.


The most relevant task in this project involves the website searches.

  • Websites extensively uses the Search API and Search API Solr Drupal modules and some others. For examplo, searches are done not only in the text of the content but also in the files attached to it.
  • Integration with external API during indexing time.
  • Custom processors and alterations for better results.
  • Search API Solr backend extension for query alterations and more.

Search is capable of find strings, numbers, use of advanced filters and date ranges limits. Small strings (such an expedient number) could lead to a big number of results, the search engine will try apply some rules for finding out the most relevant ones and prioritize them.


This web was developed in an early phase of the Drupal 8 Search API module and was a good challenge. As development continues and Search API becomes more stable, further work will be done for improving all the search features.

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