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Test all the things!


During project development and maintenance developers use tests to ensure that all parts of the site are working as expected. While this is a good practice (and less common than it should be) there are many other tests, checks and safety nets that can be used to improve the Q&A of the project and the health of the project.

This session features other types of testings besides Unit and browser testing with other tests like behavior or acceptance testing and other safety nets like:

  • Visual regression testing
  • Accessibility testing
  • Performance, quality and correctness testing
  • External API testing
  • Static analysis (code, linters, Drupal way, etc)
  • Smoke testing
  • ...and more!

Over more than a decade of developing Drupal sites we have accumulated a lot of experience on testing. We would like to share our knowledge to improve the quality of Drupal projects without dying trying. Testing should be easy to implement and maintain, helping developers to detect any error long before it reaches the site's visitors, without requiring excessive effort.

Attendees will learn about many different tests that can be implemented in a Drupal project, as well as some tips for quality assurance and early bug detection. Since this is not just theoretical, examples and tools will be provided on how to implement these tests.

RIcardo Sanz Ante

Ricardo Sanz