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Exploring Agile Contracts: Maximizing Collaboration and Value in Client Relationships

Barcelona, Spain

Agile methodologies have revolutionized the way IT projects are executed, emphasizing flexibility, collaboration, and value delivery. However, the traditional contract models often do not fully align with agile principles. The choice of contract model can significantly impact project outcomes and client and agency satisfaction.


To fully engage and benefit from this session, participants should have a foundational understanding of traditional fixed-price and time and materials contract models in project development. Familiarity with basic concepts of agile methodologies is beneficial but not required.


In this session, we will dive into the concept of agile contracts as a viable alternative to traditional fixed price and time and materials models. While fixed-price contracts may seem less risky for clients, they often lead to scope creep (extra cost) and unnecessary deliverables (waste). On the other hand, time and materials contracts can limit the potential income (price/hour) for development agencies and fail to align incentives. We will explore various agile contract models (win-win contracts), which foster collaboration and mutual benefit.

By the end of this session, you will gain insights into the benefits of agile contracts from both client and agency perspectives and be inspired to explore new, fruitful opportunities for collaboration.


  1. Introduction to Agile Contracts: Understanding the Need for Change
  2. Pitfalls of Fixed Price Contracts: The Myth of Certainty
  3. Limitations of Time and Materials Contracts: The Hourly Trap
  4. Benefits of Agile Contracts from the Client Perspective
  5. Benefits of Agile Contracts from the Agency Perspective
  6. Agile Contract Models: Exploring the Options

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the limitations of traditional fixed price and time and materials contracts.
  • Recognize the benefits of agile contracts in fostering collaboration from both the client and agency perspectives.
  • Learn about different agile contract models and find which ones fit best for your organization.
  • Be inspired to review your current contract collaboration practices and explore new, fruitful opportunities for agile contract-based collaboration.


This session is ideal for clients and agencies looking to optimize their contract collaboration practices and maximize value delivery in development projects. Whether you're a client seeking better outcomes from your IT projects or an agency looking to enhance your client relationships, this session offers valuable insights and actionable strategies to drive success through agile contracts.

Jorge Tutor

Jorge Tutor