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DrupalCamp Spain 2017: BDD Behaviour Driven Development

Behavior driven development is a software development process that originates from TDD (Test Driven Development). The main idea is based on how the software must be understood from both technical and business points of view, focused on its value to the user.

In Metadrop, BDD is an essential methodology that we integrate into our development. In an agile team, the customer is a key component that must be part of the team and this methodology allows you to involve the customer right from the beginning in the definition of requirement in a language common in both business and development, being able to explore and define different possibilities before writing a single line of code.

During the session, the following points are addressed:

  • Introduction to BDD
  • How are software projects created
  • Ensuring quality software products
  • Speaking the customer's language
  • BDD methodology
  • Integration with Drupal (Behat)
  • Final example

The speech is aimed at both developers and managers interested in knowing a good strategy for approaching projects with success by the use of a language common to both customers and developers that can be automated and executed as a test plan in the trial phases, during development and as regression testing using a continuous integration environment.



Jorge Tutor

Jorge Tutor