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Drupal 8, Search API and Solr 8

We created an easy example to run Drupal 8 with Search API and Solr 8.

We use the latest version of Drupal Core (8.7.9), Search API Solr (8.3.7) and Solr 8 to run a simple sandbox project to test and play around.

The current project can be run using a custom configuration or using tour example configuration (recommended).

We use a the Wodby Docker4Drupal image to run a project based on Composer template for Drupal projects

The Solr 8 example template works fine, but you can add a per-language translation configuration (like Spanish). You can read more about it on the official Language Analysis documentation.

We created a git repository cotnaining a template to run the project. You will find all the required steps and explanations on the document.

To review and test the project, follow this link:

Drupal 8
Search API
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