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Technical support to Digital Companies

Oftentimes, companies, public institutions and NGOs need to incorporate external support. This may be due to a temporary need such as an incidence or an unforeseen event, to complement the capacities of their own teams, to incorporate an external vision or simply as part of their strategy.

In Metadrop we are specialized in supporting medium and large scale projects in Drupal and associated technologies.

We put our knowledge and technology at your disposal in any phase of the project. We support you in the analysis, design, strategy, development or resolution of incidents. We integrate without friction with your teams and in your processes.

Our expertise, at your service

If you encounter a blockage along the way, we can help you by providing technical support to the development teams to solve your most immediate needs

We have extensive experience with Drupal in:

  • Content migrations
  • Drupal updates (Drupal 7 / Drupal 8 / Drupal 9).
  • Third-party services integration.
  • APIs.
  • WebApps.
  • Intranets.
  • Drupal commerce (e-commerce, donations, crowdfunding and booking systems).
  • Search engines using Search API Solr
  • Installation profiles.
  • Multi-sites and multi-language.
  • GDPR.
Metadrop - Conferencia TDD BDD

We empower you

Too often, the word "support" is synonymous with an intervention that does not generate any additional value beyond the resolution of the problem. 

In Metadrop we oppose this reduced vision and provide training in technical areas and agile methodologies to give teams the tools they need for the future.

We answer your questions

We know that the development world can be extremely complex. Don't hesitate to write to us with all your questions: a member of the team will answer you personally.

We speak your language

We work in English and Spanish with teams of any nationality. We are used to remote working and moving to the client's premises whenever necessary. We regularly attend online meetings with people from different countries and have extensive experience integrating with other teams.

We follow a well-defined methodology and implement tools to ensure quality standards.

Metadrop - Desarrollo de software

Technical solvency

We have been contributing to the Drupal community for more than 10 years, we are maintainers of more than 50 modules and have a long history of participating as trainers and speakers. We develop custom modules, themes, templates and any other component you need in your project.

We have extensive experience in high technical level projects and we are specialists in long term strategies.

Besides Drupal, we have experience with webApps, Angular, React, Ionic, Vue, Symfony, SASS, Docker or Jenkins.

We are continuously learning and improving: we dedicate 12.5% of our time to research. The knowledge acquired is passed on to our clients, seeking the most appropriate solutions in each situation.

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