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Software development and quality assurance

In a world with a certain tendency to cookie-cutter solutions with hidden costs, in Metadrop we have made quality our edge.

We have extensive experience in web development on LAMP stack, integrations with external services (Salesforce, MS Dynamics ...) migrations, e-commerce and a long etcetera.

We are experts in Drupal and other associated technologies: Webapps, Angular, React, Ionic, Vue, Symfony, SASS, Jenkins...

Jorge Tutor dando una charla en Drupal Dev Days Cluj-Napoca.

We are experienced developers

  • Specialized in development and support for technical and complex projects.
  • We work on international projects in a distributed way.
  • Organized in multi-functional teams with years of experience working together.
  • We automate processes with Jenkins.
  • We apply testing, BDD/TDD strategies and code quality assurance tools.
  • We follow a Merge/Pull Requests development flow with GIT.
Mobile code

iOS, Android, Webapps, Ionic

In recent years, the advent of new devices has led to an earthquake in the developing world and the emergence of a whole new range of demands.

In Metadrop we have not been left behind and we have incorporated modern technologies that allow us to meet all the potential requirements of the project.

We develop native applications for both iOS and Android and multiplatform applications with Ionic.

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Open Source oriented

We practice a professional and personal philosophy aligned with the ideals that open source represents.

This orientation has an immediate and very positive impact on the developments we make and on the product and service we deliver.

Due to this, many of our developments are contributed back to the community in the form of patches, modules or articles and training.