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Multifunctional and dinamized teams

Team model

The teams are made up of people trained in Front-end, Back-end and Site-Building, as well as in agile methodologies. They are coordinated by a Product Owner responsible for the project who acts as a facilitator (never as a bottleneck) in communications with the client and other teams.

This multi-functionality gives us the following advantages:

  • Synergies: every team member provides its best qualities.
  • Distributed know-how: the whole team knows the project.
  • Centralized documentation: easy access, everlasting.
Metadrop Organization
Metacamp 2019

Team dynamics

In addition to the technical events we attend (Drupal Dev Days, Drupal Cons, DrupalCamps)... every year we meet to strengthen ties, study strategies, encourage teamwork and explore our full potential.