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Drupal Development and Mobile applications

We are continuously learning and improving: in addition to projects, which pose a technological challenge, we dedicate 12.5% of our time to research. We revert the acquired knowledge to our clients, looking for the most appropriate solutions in each situation.

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More than 70 modules contributed in Drupal

We have been contributing to the Drupal community for over 10 years. We are maintainers of more than 70 modules. We develop custom modules, themes, templates, and any other component you need in your project.


We provide value

Metadrop's expert knowledge of Drupal, together with the culture and methodology of the company, allows a scenario like the current one to be comfortable to contribute by adding value to the project activities.

Wide experience

  • Content migration
  • Drupal upgrades (Drupal 7 / Drupal 8 / Drupal 9)
  • Third-Party integrations
  • APIs
  • WebApps
  • Intranets
  • Drupal commerce
  • Search engines web con Search API Solr
  • Profiles
  • Multisites and Multilanguage
  • GDPR

At Metadrop we are specialized in supporting medium and large-scale projects in Drupal and associated technologies.

We put our knowledge and technology at your disposal at any stage of the project. We support you in the analysis, design, strategy, development, or resolution of incidents. We integrate without friction with your teams and your processes.

Count on us if you need to incorporate external support to develop your project, complement the capabilities of your own teams or incorporate an external vision.

Metadrop has considerable experience in projects of a high technical level and we are specialists in long-term strategies, either as a team or as individual specialists.

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Development team

The team is made up of people with different skills: back end, front end, DevOps, project lead, and tech lead. all with extensive experience in Drupal and related technologies.

Teams are structured to meet any challenge. Our teams are made up of four to ten highly qualified specialists. They have a long experience working together on complex projects.

All members of the Metadrop team share their knowledge. They have direct communication with each other to solve specific problems if necessary.

Ricardo Sanz - Drupal Mountain Camp 2018

Individual specialists

Metadrop provides the collaboration of an individual specialist. This person will be the main contact, attend project meetings, and collaborate with the other team members as a developer/consultant.

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