About us

Metadrop is a company mainly focused in Drupal web development applications. We are located in Madrid.


We have extensive experience in web development on LAMP platforms, from e-commerce to intranets, being experts in Drupal and other associated technologies: PHP, Apache, Linux, MySQL, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, (jQuery, AJAX).

We have a free software orientation and a professional and personal philosophy fully aligned with the ideals it represents. This has an immediate and positive impact on our developments as well as in the products and services we deliver, using agile methodologies, transparent processes and a very pragmatic attitude in solving customers bussines logic issues.


We develop your project, we have extensive experience with NGOs, public administrations and advertising agencies


  • Development of customized Drupal modules

    We develop customized modules and adapt the functionality of existing ones in your project.

  • Startups

    We will work on a MVP developing your idea and optimizing your budget.

  • Consulting and advice services

    We bring solutions based on our experience of more than eight years working with Drupal.

  • Services integration

    We integrate your website with different services: TPV, ERP, CRM, mobile applications...

  • Website renovation and migrations

    We recreate your project in Drupal respecting both the content and the URLs for your SEO strategy.

  • Online stores,  e-commerce

    Show your products on the internet, accept orders or make the sale directly generating business through the internet.

  • Web services

    We integrate Drupal with external applications using APIs: iOS, Android, desktop applications...

    Technical direction

    We accompany you during all phases of your project.

  • Platform integration

    Google Analytics, Google Analytics reports, Google translation, Facebook, Twitter, Oracle, Solr, own Webservices, Bingads, Adwords, Restalo, Bingads,  Mandrill, Mailchimp, Vimeo, Youtube, BBVA, Sermepa, Kaltura, Foursquare, CAS, REDSYS, CGCOM, among many others.

  • Evolutionary maintenance

    Ensuring that your website is up to date. Security updates and development of new functionalities.





We are experts in Drupal and related technologies:
PHP, MySql/MariaDB, Postgress, MongoDB, Javascript, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, behat, Git, solr, apache, Varnish, vagrant, angularjs, jekyll, bootstrap, balsamiq, nodejs, phantomjs


The team


Our team is composed by expert developers with specialized profiles and different skills (frontends, backends & site-builders). We contribute modules to the community Drupal and we love it.
We like what we do and we do it really well ;)



  Visit our profile at Drupal.org/metadrop


How we work


We work with agile technologies to optimize the development of your project and to involve the client to obtain the best results.


  • Agile development

    Scrum, KISS, Kanban...

  • BDD

    Development oriented to behavior conforming the specifications.

  • Transparency with the client

    We involve the client as part of the team, sharing code information, task management, invested time...

  • Continuous integration

    Execution of automated tests that guarantee the reliability of the product.

  • R&D

    We are in constantly training and contributing with the Drupal community to keep us up to date.

  • Version control

    All our code is controlled by Git and is accessible to the client, being able to visualize with the team the different branches of work.




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